Homage – Equivalents of Stieglitz

One might think that photography back in the 1820s might be different than today. If one believes that, then it is wrong. Photography is all about light and as well with painting. These kinds of art has never changed only the camera is more capable than before.

People think that It is all about the gear and the cool functions and terms on the camera that makes one a good photographer. To take the greatest shot in the world for one to farm likes and stars on social medias maybe it is easy to think and do.

It is actually easy to do that, there are millions of photographs uploaded on these media platforms everyday and yet the hobbyists and the professional photographers still take photos; continuously taking shots of subjects that has already been taken, subjects that are common around us; making us today work harder in finding more unique and unexplored areas in photography.

Searching for the Truth

In Kolour Asia, we only present the TRUTH! We want the truth to be seen and processed in one’s mind. Therefore we discourage masking “Truth” by using digital enchantments and photoshopping on our digital works.

Truth is found, it is not created.

The modern camera is capable to take thousands of shots as long as there is enough battery and storage available. The three basic sources of exposure; aperture, shutter speed, and the ISO are already enough to make great compelling photographs that may bridge cultures and beliefs. Kolour Asia wants to use these to present “Truth” to the Southeast Asian community.

The Equivalents

As Alfred Stieglitz’ Equivalents, black and white photographs of the clouds, he simply showed the simple in which one can find and relate emotions, interpreting into what humanity needs from having emotions.  In 1922, when Stieglitz developed affection to clouds, his feeling and relationship to Georgia O’Keeffe was already matured.

Through the simplest interpretation we would like to draw the best of humanity’s emotion as we break borders across the Southeast Asian countries.

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