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carlo profile picBorn on the 4th of December in 1978, Carlo M. Dimaano was the first child of Emmauel Raul Dimaano and Lourdes Mamisao. As a young child he seemed to show great interest in arts. Consequently, his parents sent him to different art workshops to cultivate his interest.

As a young man, Carlo was able to gain recognition from senior artists in Manila through several art exhibitions. Also in the same period the transition of his works has shown, attempting to deepen the reason of his chosen field.

Struggles and frustrations are cliché to an artist’s life, or we can say that it is part of the process when practicing such. Carlo is not different from these experiences; in this manner every individual must carry his own undertakings to pursue his dreams.

Returning from his roots, part of his advocacies in life is to disseminate art mostly in depressed and isolated communities. He believes that one must experience art and freely express his inner thoughts through it. He strongly affirms that in such manner every person equipped with it will build not only his own character but also the kind of society we are nurturing for generations to come.

Carlo is now 35 years old and currently lives in Los Baños, Laguna at the foot of the majestic Mount Makiling. Living with him is his wife Antonette, daughter Aniwai and they are expecting a new born by March 2013.

Thus, he believes that art is life, it is a way. One must first reveal himself to it before it unfolds to you and learn that it is still a long journey towards the meaning and reason why we are doing it.


It was not a life lived in a box as early on in life, the dimensions of art found humble expression in my preferred activities. It was told that I did not immediately play with the few toys that I had as a child. I had to take time to repeatedly look at these objects of interests at different angles before I really took time to play with them.

The days to follow these visual encounters with my toys will find me crudely drawing on our house’s walls images that have caught my fancies.

Alongside my usual academic and physical activities, my family provided the opportunity to expose and harness my basic artistic through community art groups that catered to the youth from marginalized communities.

Going back in time, I had the chance to have seen; though not yet in its philosophical and societal significance but simply as overviews in a young boy’s mind while going through his journey in life, the multi-faceted structures of Philippine society were presented to me as normal visions with which I have found attachment to. In the raw lives of the Filipino people which had started to be likened to a natural treasure that had to be unearthed and allowed to be appreciated and prized despite the intricacies and struggles that have to go along. This served to become an inspiration and guidepost in an early life.

This link that has been sustained in my later and up to my current life in the arts has been internalized and has even continually given me further chances to find common expressions through my preferred media without the usual branding that tends to typecast my style. Forms and styles in its varied expressions became continuing shifts and switches which freed the artist. Furthermore, it is also a lifelong task to learn and share the complexity of different cultural scenarios, an undertaking that a modern artist should cope with.


Kulay ng Buhay sa Hospice (Color of Life in Hospice)
D.L. Umali Hall Lobby, University of the Philippines,
Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

“Amorsolo’s Makiling”
Metropolitan Museum of Manila Satellite Exhibit
Sining Makiling Gallery, University of the Philippines,
Los Baños, Laguna

Art Association of the Philippines
GSIS Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Dimalangat Art Exhibition
Baler, Aurora, Philippines


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