Arpha Vida Buga-ay

arpha kolour asia profileI grew up near the beach. We called it the “White Sand”, obviously because of its fine white sand. Our favorite spot was the white sand bar separating the sand and the coral reef. There were many mangroves back then and we would jump from those trees into the water. We’d see colorful fishes swimming right next to us, oblivious of our presence. Before we’d head back home, we’d gather driftwoods and load them into our wooden carts (we used them for firewood). On the way home we’d be balancing our carts along the fishpond dikes and sometimes we’d stop to make fun of the crabs by poking them with sticks. The worst thing we did to those helpless crabs was tie them with a piece of string and pull them like toy cars.

What used to be a clean, white and beautiful beach is now blackened with oil, spilling from transnational cargo ships for the banana export industry. What a waste of beauty, what a waste of a bountiful natural resource and what a waste of beautiful memories.

This is just one of the things that the next generation would not be able to enjoy, and these are the things I’d like to preserve through the pictures that I take. The beauty of our Natural World. Hoping against hope that the pictures that I take may inspire people to conserve, preserve and protect these wonderful creatures.

Arpha Vida Buga-ay – a Mother who wants her daughter to enjoy the beauty of nature she was able to enjoy, a Teacher who strives to teach her students to appreciate this beautiful world.

Academic Background
Bachelor of Science in Education – Major in English


“Nature needs only to be conserved and preserved – not to be manipulated according to how we want it to be.”

This time I am expecting to show my own works since I had been working side by side with my husband. There were a lot of exhibitions we made together though. Waiting for the first one in November 30, 2014.

Canon EOS 650D
Canon EFS 18-55mm
Canon Zoom – Telephoto Lens EF 70-300mm

blue lizard 900

“Blue” Arpha Vida Buga-ay Canon 650D (f6.3 – 1/30 sec. – ISO 100)



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