Andreia Claudette Buga-ay

andreia profile pic 900I grew up with parents who are into arts in so many ways. My father is a painter and a musician, my mother appreciates so much art and a source of knowledge in arts and music. Both made me who I am today. My mother who takes photographs of birds and study them and during these trips where we go for camping and all of the adventures; I started enjoying landscape photography. Sunset and sunrise on the islands and in the provinces takes my breath away and the only way I could relate my feelings to others was by using my phone and upload them on social medias. Well, I have to take proper photographs since people are starting to like what I captured onsite. I had been an assistant to my father’s exhibitions for all my life, I think I need to have my very own soon.

As a performer, I am a cello player of different orchestras. Performing regularly also in quartets, duets, and solo performances; I need to have a visual release and I found photography as the right expression since when taking landscape photographs you have to be in the wild enjoying serenity and bliss.

Academic Background


“Saving the world starts with a ripple effect that could begin in all of us.”

I grew up with my dad facilitating and making exhibitions and this kind of thing has never been new to me. This time I am looking forward to what I could also show. I love photography, it releases something out of me and in return it makes me receive something-relief, joy, and peace of mind.

Fujifilm X E2
XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
XF60mmF2.4 R Macro
Samyang 500mm f/6.3 DX Mirror Lens

orange 900

“Orange” Andreia Claudette Buga-ay Fujifilm X E2 (f11 – 1 sec – ISO 200)


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