About Kolour Asia

We believe that good composition, cultural relevance, fantastic story told, and finally truth must be revealed in a photograph or an artwork.

Advance technology is already endowed in a camera but yet the excessive use of image enhancing software may destroy truth in a finished artwork. Thus, we also believe that the use of these software maybe relevant according to the artists choice and taste but yet may be controlled accordingly so that Kolour Asia displays only the truth on each piece of work.

Today, an artist can take thousands of shots for a particular subject from studies to the final shots; allowing the artist to choose the best work from what has been stacked for the process of elimination. Henceforth, if the artist does not believe that a great shot can be taken from all of these photographs that an SD Card can contain, the artist must better take three of four shots and Photoshop the works for the desired outcome.

Kolour Asia does not represent this. We would like to display truth. Therefore some texture, lines, blur, or whatever imperfections may be portrayed by a photograph shall standout by virtue of its “Truthfulness.”

Searching for Truth

Kolour Asia searches for what is true and honest; thus “Truth” in the works are the utmost concern as we showcase the best of culture and life in the Southeast Asia. Truth may be found in various compositions accordingly and the foundations of this truthfulness are attributed through colours, hues, lines, texture, perspective, times of the day or night, contrast, light, and all that involves the elements of art and the principles of design.

Truth is found, it is not created.

Ali Bernie Buga-ay

We exhibit from one country to another bringing comparison to different experiences in life, culture, heritage, languages, lifestyle, and etc.

We will captivate a viewers comparing life in a very positive way that an photograph or visual representation compares what the viewers know what they have in their country that could match the artwork.

We will teach viewers that life on the other sides of Southeast Asia may be similar in many ways as we come from relative ancestry.

We will show life in other Southeast Asian countries may have more privileges according to lifestyle, beliefs, political status, and finally economic status of one’s country. With this awareness, it may give the opportunity for one to change and achieve or be contented that life here and there can be the same in so many ways.

Kolour Asia exhibits artworks in photographs and paintings, or any visual representations connecting with www.adventchores.org in reaching out to the community by selling the artworks and giving a huge percentage to a charity the host is connected and involved. Some percentage will also be given back to the artist and to Adventchores in which its charity projects are well presented and managed by this charity organization.

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