Kadayawan Sa Davao

Neil Michael De Asis
Nikon D7000
Nikkor 70-300 IF

Kadayawan Sa Davao
Davao, City

The Kadayawan Festival in Davao City is an annual festival dedicated to good harvest and invoking the gods to give more future good harvest and good life. It is attended by different ethnic tribes from the whole province of Davao. People from different parts of the Philippines and foreigners, as well, come to celebrate and enjoy the abundant harvest of fruits, ethnic arts and crafts-all seen on the streets of Davao City. The good thing about the celebrations in Davao, they are all safe. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been a mayor of the city for a long time and peace and order is what makes Davao City proud of.

People are nice, crime rate is very low, food is abundant, culture is colourful, beaches are pure, and there is so much that can be discovered in Davao City as one celebrates the Kadayawan Festival.

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